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Intel and AMD Team Up to Propel Mobile Gaming into 2018

Intel and AMD have long been rivals in the CPU market, with Intel holding a vast dominance over their competitor for the past 10 years – with AMD finally closing the gap with their Ryzen processors. It is very strange to see a partnership between the two after all these years, but it looks like they are teaming up to take a challenge to the undisputed king of video graphics – Nvidia.


The new processors essentially integrate the CPU, GPU and VRAM into a single package, designed for use in Laptops, 2 in 1 tablets and mini PCs. There are two configurations, with both using the same Quad-Core CPU but a different GPU on the higher tier version.



The integrated graphics are provided by AMD’s Radeon department – the RX Vega M chip brings a much-needed boost to performance among portable gamers and content creators alike. The current best mobile solution is an Intel CPU paired with an Nvidia GPU, but this is very expensive in comparison to the latest offering from Intel and AMD. They aim to grab some market share, at least in the low- and mid-tier, with AMD’s premier Vega M experience still to come.


Intel Debuts Smallest VR-Ready PC Ever with the Hades Canyon NUC

To show exactly what their new chip is capable of, Intel have refreshed their NUC (Next Unit of Computing) – it’s nothing short of incredible.



The new NUCs feature Intel’s top-tier 8th Generation Core i7 mobile processors, Radeon RX Vega M graphics and a slew of outputs – all in a chassis with a volume of just 1.2 litres. The Hades Canyon NUC is the absolute pinnacle for enthusiasts who demand high performance in a tiny form factor. 

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